Is This A Zombie? Of The Dead


Okay. So there is a scene where they are running through the woods and come across a bear. When they do. All I can think about is Fruits Basket where Shigure is trying to scare everyone with ‘Jason the Bear’ stories. And I laughed harder than I should have because of this scene. Then I thought this would have been a perfect way to pay homage to FB by saying “Oh my god! It’s Jason!” or Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki running across the path. Lmao

This is what happens when crossover fandomists watch many a anime.

Person: Hey

Me: Hello

Person: Hey

Me: How are you?

Person: Horny

Me: Good for you?

Person: Yes

Me: Not interested

Person: Don’t want you

Me: Thats why you message me. Saying youre horny. Uh huh. Sure. Whatever floats your goat dude.

Person: A goat would be better than you.


Person: Thats a sheep

Me: You would know. Goat fucker.

A convo from Tagged

Person: Heyyy

Me: Hello

Person: Sup?

Me: NM

Person: You have the kik

Me: No

Person: Why not

Me: Its dumb

Person: I see

Me: Yep

Person: Am I dumb for having one

Me: Possibly

Person: I see

Me: Yep

Person: Do you have Skype

Me: Yes

Person: Wanna vid chat

Me: Nope

Person: Why not

Me: Only reserved for people I know

Person: Oh

Me: Yep

Person: I just want to see if you look like the person in your pics

Me: Understandable

Person: So we can Skype

Me: Nope

Person: Do you look like the pics then

Me: Not even close

Person: Explain

Me: I am a forty year old transvestite named Jim who is fat and balding. I live in my mother’s basement and the girl in the pics is currently living in ziploc baggies in the basements deep freezer. Every now and then I take out my favorite piece of her (her ankle) and talk to it over coffee.

Person: Thats nice

Me: I changed my mind.

Person: What do you mean?

Me: Wanna Skype

Person: Why

Me: So you can meet her

-They blocked me.-

When you realize you have friends from all over the world and who all are of different nationalities. And are currently living in their respective countries. You all decide to do a group chat and it slowly breaks down into an episode of Hetalia. And you’re wondering if this is by coincidence or design.

Yeah. This just totally happened to me. Except somehow Canada and I flip flopped places. I am just watching the convo in the background of the chat like ’ 0.o’. While Canada is like, “Well yeah? Fuck you! I’m Canada.”